Dress Code: Resort Formal — Whaaaaaaat?

We’ve finally booked the big day and Jett and I are so excited!  Even though we’re having a destination wedding, I still want it to have that classic formal vibe, hence the “resort formal” dress code.  But what the heck does that mean?

Don’t you worry, I’ll tell you exactly what that means — at least in my books 🙂


Cocktail dress, long flowy gown or formal maxi dress with dress shoes or dress sandals.



Any coloured dress pants, dress shirt, and tie with dress shoes (not sandals).  A suit with or without tie is also acceptable.

If you’re worried about overheating, don’t you worry.  We will be having a wedding indoors in air conditioning.  Hope to see you looking chic and sleek at our wedding!

❤ Isabel

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