Six #BossBabe Travel Hacks That I Swear By


I’m tired of winter already!  Who’s ready for a summer filled with glamorous trips, adorable summer dresses and delicious spritzy cocktails!? Me me me! You’re on your own with the adorable dresses and spritzy cocktails, but I think I can help your glamorous trips out with these #BossBabe travel hacks.  These are tried and true thanks to my international travels including a literal trip around the world from Canada, to the Philippines, to Thailand, to Ethiopia and then back to Canada all within a month!  These work wonders for me and I hope they do the same for you 🙂

1. Use a Medium Sized Suitcase

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Whatever you do, DO NOT use the 30″ large sized suitcases!  Because whenever I do, I am ALWAYS over the 50-pound luggage weight limit.  I highly recommend using a medium sized suitcase instead, which are usually 26″ or 27 ” in height.  And if you’re going for an extra long time, use two medium suitcases!  It’s amazing how much you can fit in them.  And no matter how much I stuff my medium suitcase, I am always within the weight limit.  If you take away anything from this list, remember the MEDIUM suitcase. It is a lifesaver.

2. How to Weigh your Luggage

This is a classic hack that I must mention even though you probably already do this. No need for a fancy luggage weighing scale with that hook and handle and gauge.  All you need is a regular weighing scale at home. Yes, the one that’s tucked away in some dusty corner in your bathroom. After you’ve packed, weigh yourself and then weigh yourself holding your luggage.  Then subtract! It’s a simple formula: (You + Luggage) – You = Luggage Weight.  Tada!  You’ve saved yourself $20 or so on a luggage weighing scale.  That’s like 4 Starbucks.  Yes, I use Starbucks lattes as a unit of measure.

3. Invest in a Jewellery Organizer


I absolutely love mine.  It has so many zippers, straps for bracelets and loops for necklaces.  Tuck everything in, roll it and tie it up!  It keeps everything nice, neat and untangled.  And pro-tip: always carry-on your valuable jewellery and do not put it in your check-in luggage especially if you’re traveling abroad.

4. Bring Ear Plugs and an Eye Mask

Ear plugs and an eye mask are a must for me for to help me nap on the plane — and you may not know exactly what the sleeping situation is at your destination.  I’ve stayed in hotels with really loud air conditioners or hotels in busy areas of the city where a bagpipe player was busking a block away.  A good night’s sleep makes for a much better trip.

5. Wear Compression Socks on the Plane

No, these are not just for old people.  If you’re susceptible to blood clots or find your feet and ankles swelling up after a plane ride, then wear those compression socks!  I’ve been wearing mine even for the shorter plane rides and my feet feel amazing and NOT swollen when I land.  Your feet and your fancy shoes you’ll want to wear on that night out will thank you.

6. Travel with your Purse’s Dust Bag

If you’re traveling with your designer purse and cringe about the idea of putting it under the seat in front of you on the plane, just bring along its dust bag!  When you’re on the plane pull out the dust bag, put your purse in it, and stuff THAT under the seat in front of you.  Lol.  Then you’re protecting your beautiful purse from all the ickiness that could be under there.  If you don’t have a dust bag or want to keep the dust bag intact as well, a foldable grocery bag does just the trick!

Do you have any good travel tips?  Please share!  Wishing you safe and glam travels.  Stay strong and stay you.

❤ Isabel


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