Isabel’s Millennialogue: Taking Life Seriously


2015 is quickly coming to a close so I started to reflect on this past year. It was such an exciting year with so many trips and so many life events for my close friends. But then I started reflecting way back. Back to when I was a little girl when the highest stress in my life was getting good grades. I took life so seriously then and I have to admit that I still do now.

But why do I take life so seriously? Sometimes I wish I were one of those cool girls who simply let things happens and not sweat about it. Am I just so set in my ways? I really have to learn to relax, let things be and not take life too seriously. Life is short and if the most prevalent memory I have of my earlier years was how seriously I took school, then I have to chill and be less intense. I really should start doing yoga. Good thing Jett bought us that Groupon.

Then again, if you’re an overachiever like myself and you want to be successful in your endeavours, you have to take life somewhat seriously. I enjoy being keen and passionate. It’s not in my nature to do things with minimal effort. But it’s all about balance. You need to know when it’s appropriate to turn it on full-force and when you need to step back a little and let things happen. No need to be a super keener 24/7. Seriously.

❤ Isabel

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