Isabel IRL: A Good Old-Fashioned Slumber Party


Let’s face it, fellow Canadians: we’re in a recession. And in full-fledged wedding season. So when money is tight due to lack of jobs or excess of wedding expenses, there is absolutely no reason to spend hundreds of dollar$ on bottle service in da club.

Why not a good old-fashioned slumber party?

Do you remember how much fun it was in our tween and teen years staying over at our friend’s place, eating junk food, painting each others’ nails (did boys do this, too?), watching movies and talking ‘til the wee hours of the morning? Well now we can do all that and drink. Legally.

Here are the ingredients to our good old-fashioned sleepover that was a success last weekend.

Good friends. Of course you need people whom you actually, legitimately enjoy hanging out with and can be completely open with. No fake friends, no frenemies.


GF’s with some random coyote fur that the groom-to-be purchased.

Munchies galore. You will stay up late, so better be ready with some delicious grownup junk food like an assortment of cheese and crackers, chips and dip, and some sweets for the sweet tooth (ahem, me).


Nom nom nom.

A planned activity. Either a board game, movie or some other activity, this is something to look forward to and it breaks the evening up. This also could be something to fall back on if the party goes astray.

DSCF3289 - Version 2

Good intentions.

And of course, ALCOHOL. No need to get wasted, but a couple glasses of wine truly gets the conversations flowing and the minds open. No need to drive home ‘til morning!



Not required: a reason to celebrate. You don’t need a special occasion to get together with some friends. Celebrate being alive, being loved and being able to get through another workweek!

Our slumber party started tame and filled with good intentions. Our men were away at a bachelor party for the weekend, so the bride-to-be hostess asked some bridesmaids to come over for a good old-fashioned slumber party with a few drinks, games and a movie.

All was going well until SOMEONE decided to do shots (you know who you are) and it all unraveled from there. Let’s just say it ended up with an impromptu boudoir photo shoot, desperate attempts at handstand twerking and a drastically failed attempt at playing Taboo.

WARNING: Do not play Taboo while impaired. You WILL say all the words you’re not supposed to and you will fail.

All in all, it was an amazing night. Great times with great friends to say the least. Tight skirts and hair extensions not required 🙂

❤ Isabel

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