Isabel’s Millennialogue: On Social Anxiety

Hi, everyone! This is the second and final part of my Confidence and Social Anxiety Series. As I said before I’ve got way too much to say on this subject, which is why I split it into two parts. This vlog is on Social Anxiety. Please keep in mind that these are my opinions and advice from personal experience. If you think you have Social Anxiety Disorder, consult a medical professional.

On social anxiety, I’m a big believer in “practice makes perfect”. As painful as that sounds, you have to face your fears and practice being social to get over the anxiety. The best place to practice is at an event or activity where you don’t know anyone! There are many local meet-up or networking events based on interests, hobbies, business sectors, you name it. Joining a sports team or class of some sort works great, too. Here are six tips you could use to help you practice (watch my vlog for details):

  1. Be confident (check out part 1 for details!)
  2. Just approach
  3. Smile
  4. Eye contact
  5. Ask questions
  6. Exit gracefully

Once you start practicing, you’ll get used to it and you’ll find out what works best for you. Even if you’ve practiced a lot, it’s natural to be nervous. Just remember that it’s so important to manage or even get over your social anxiety because you never know who you’ll randomly meet and what kind of relationship you’ll get out of it. As always, if you have comments or tips on what works for you, please share! Thanks for watching / reading 🙂

❤ Isabel

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