Embrace The Struggle

Golf Pic

Embrace the struggle and relish the outcome! This is so true in all facets of life.  Think about it! If you’ve studied anything even slightly difficult in school, you hated it at the time.  But you relish graduation and getting that diploma.  If you play golf, it’s a real struggle learning and even trying to hit the ball in the first place.  But when you drive that ball perfectly down the fairway and get your first ever birdie, all those butterfly balls were worth it.  If you snowboard, learning it at first is physically painful and especially painful to your ego.  But when you’re carving that powder flawlessly down the slopes, those bruises and sore muscles were totally worth it.

Snowboarding Pic

So when you’re stuck in a struggle that seems like there is no end in site, remember all the times that you’ve crawled yourself out and eventually succeeded.  The accomplishment in the end is always worth the down days.  Think of the struggle as a learning experience and the opportunity to showcase how you push through and deliver.

With anything in life: just get through the short term struggles because the long term reward is all worth it in the end 🌹

❤ Isabel

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