My Diet Starts On Monday

My friend Lyndee and I are trying something new!  We’re not quite sure what it is just yet … either a talk show or a podcast.  Whatever it ends up being, we want to entertain fellow older millennials (meaning our peers at the tender age of 30-somethings) and make them feel happy, empowered and less lonely.

We want to talk about fun and relevant topics that people can relate to and can be entertained or inspired by. We don’t want to be a purely motivational/self-help show, but more towards entertaining and being relatable. So don’t expect anything too incredibly motivational from us a la Brendon Burchard or Rachel Hollis, but expect fun conversations and quips about topics like dieting struggles, dating experiences, our career journeys and mental health. We also hope to have some fun guests on the show who can tell us their journeys and to add some dose of empowerment.

Check out our very first episode above all about the crazy diets we’ve tried and tested!  And we need a show title — something in the theme of ‘girl talk’ or ‘ladies night in’.  Let me know if you have any ideas!

❤ Isabel

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