From Zero To Product Manager Hero: My Career Journey In A Nutshell

This episode of our nameless talkshow / podcast is all about my career journey – from Zero to Product Manager Hero! Lyndee and I wanted to talk about our career journeys because they are very different and we wanted to show that you can live a full and fabulous life as a corporate climber (Isabel) and as a serial entrepreneur / business owner (Lyndee) and you can still be friends because one is not better than the other. Let us know if you’re doing the corporate thing or the entrepreneur thing or both! Also, WE STILL NEED A NAME for our talkshow / podcast, so let us know of any good ones below. Thaaaanks 🙂

💜 Isabel

PS Major fail at the 2nd half of the show because our video camera cut out on us so you will see just a photo of our lovely faces the entire second half of the video — sorry! Thank God we were recording audio on another device for backup!