Tootsie Rolls and Tequila: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Weeeek! Best costume? Worst halloween party? Most scandalous costume? Lyndee and I are giving you a quick and fun little episode filled with rapid fire Q&A’s about Halloween! So listen along and comment below with your answers. 

Aaaaand in case you didn’t notice, we finally have a name: Prosecco Party Podcast! Thanks to everyone who gave us all their amazing ideas! Check out the episode to find out how we finally decided on our name. You were seriously all a huge help! Follow us on Instagram @ProseccoPartyPodcast and on Facebook at Prosecco Party Podcast.

Our show is still under approval with Apple Podcast, so cross your fingers! In the meantime if you want to listen/download the audio instead of watching the video, checkout our SoundCloud:

Prosecco Party Podcast is covering all the relevant topics that concern us ‘older millennials’ like dieting struggles, career journeys, wedding planning, dating experiences and mental health. So stay tuned for some unfiltered and relatable high jinks!

❤ Isabel

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