Boxing and Valentines! The Perfect Combination

Okay okay, maybe not the “perfect combination” … but please forgive me for not updating my blog with our latest Prosecco Party Podcast episodes!  Check them out below.

First up is Leo Boxing! A story of courage, strength, resilience, fitness and business! In this episode of Prosecco Party Podcast, we interview Leo of Leo Boxing. Leo’s 9 years of extensive martial arts training has led him to create Leo Boxing, a step-by-step boxing program that helps people of all ages learn the foundations of boxing while improving physical fitness, coordination, discipline and mental wellness.  Learn more about him and get his merch at and follow him on Instagram at @leoboxing_.


Next, Lyndee and I are talking all about Valentine’s Day and do we have an episode for you! Worst v-day experiences with exes, our amazing Valentine’s Day Love Song for our hubbies, relationship advice and date night recommendations!  Follow along and comment below with your A’s to our Q’s. And don’t mind the washing machine noises going off in the background lol …


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Prosecco Party Podcast is covering all the relevant topics that concern us ‘older millennials’ like dieting struggles, career journeys, wedding planning, dating experiences and mental health. So stay tuned for some unfiltered and relatable high jinks!

❤ Isabel

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