Isabel’s Millennialogue: Bobsleigh Bonanza!

Calling all adrenaline junkies!!! Canada Olympic Park’s Bobsleigh Ride is da-bomb-diggity. But it is not for the faint of heart. Literally.

My friends and I attended an Alberta Bobsleigh Association fundraiser where the bobsleigh/bobsled ride proceeds go directly to the team. Jett and I were nervous (for good reason) but we had to prove to ourselves that we had at least an ounce left of the ol’ #YOLO attitude that is dwindling away as we creep towards the milestone age of 30.

For my first ride with Jett and our friend, Abe, I was lucky enough to get the “lazy boy” seat just behind our pilot in the front. And it was a RUSH!!! 125 km/hour on the straights and 5G’s of force on the crazy 270-degree turn called “Kreisel”! After recovering from our vertigo at the end of the run, Jett and Abe seemed a lot more rattled than I was and I could not understand why. I hit my helmet against the inside of the bobsleigh a couple times, but it was nothing traumatizing.

My sister and her friend (Jessica and Danielle, respectively) were the very last run of the evening and they were a man (or in this case a woman) short. So I gladly volunteered to go again. Two-for-one deal? Why not! Unfortunately I got the very back “brake” position (more like “break” position) and it was a much more violent ride. My helmet continuously banged against the bobsleigh every time we took a turn and the G force felt so much stronger. Imagine 5 times your weight pushing down on your head, neck and shoulders as you speed down an icy slippery slope of death. It is an overwhelming sensation. By the time we hit Kreisel, I could not wait for the ride to be over. I then knew exactly what Jett and Abe were talking about after the first run.

But bruises and sore muscles aside, I would totally recommend this experience to any thrill seeker out there!   Just make sure your heart can handle it. Solid core, neck and shoulder strengths are desirable assets. And make sure the rest of your team is heavier than you so you can relax in the lazy boy 2nd position 🙂

Until the next adventure!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog / advertisement.

Special thanks to the Alberta Bobsleigh Association for the unforgettable experience!  And special thanks to John Lee for the first-person perspective via GoPro!

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