Five Unique (& So Not #Basic) Valentine’s Date Ideas

Picture Quote 66 - VDay 2018

It’s that time of year again! Love is in the air, cupids and red hearts are everywhere… and your significant other is pressuring you to plan something “special”.

Even if you think V-day is a completely pointless and commercial holiday, hardly anyone wants to be that one person who didn’t get/do anything on this day of loooove.  To help you out, here are some unique (and totally not #basic) ideas to spice up your Valentine’s Day Date Night in good ol’ Calgary, Alberta.

1. Dark Table

Instead of a romantic candle lit dinner, why not try dining completely in the dark? I’ve done this once in Switzerland with my mom at the Blind Cow and it was definitely a unique experience.  Now you can experience this in Calgary at Dark Table!  According to this Global News article, it looks like Dark Table is a very similar experience to Blind Cow. Choose your menu items at the fully lit reception area and be led into a completely dark room where you are served by a legally blind server. It is literally pitch black. In my experience, my mom and I navigated around the table using our hands. It took a while to get used to finding our cutlery and drinks and it also took getting used to the blinded cutlery-to-mouth coordination! The meal got a little messy for me as I had to give up at the end of the meal and use my fingers. Can’t say that it was my favourite experience but it was certainly unique and you feel good about supporting your local visually impaired community.


  • 2 Course Meal: $36 per person
  • 3 Course Meal: $42 per person

2. Calgary Shooting Centre


Jett at the Calgary Shooting Centre.

You do not need a firearms license or a membership to enjoy the Calgary Shooting Centre. My friends and I first came here on a Groupon. You buy your bullets, choose your guns and get a crash course on safety, loading, aiming and shooting. If it’s your very first time, don’t fret. A Firearms Marshall always goes to the range with you and guides you through your target practice. It’s exhilarating!

Prices (For Non-Members)

3. Telus Spark Adults Only Night

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.47.48 PM

Nisha, Riss and I checking out Body Worlds at Adults Only Night with our hubbies [who are camera shy :)]

Once a month Telus Spark (AKA the science centre for those who call it by its old name) hosts an adults-only night with drinks and specific exhibits catered to the young at heart. And this month it’s on Valentine’s Day! From 6pm to 10pm, explore “how dopamine affects the brain’s reward and pleasure centres, identify which triggers will drive your oxytocin levels sky high, and perform emotional experiments on yourself”. Sounds intriguing. If you have the budget and time they’ve got a cocktail-style dinner available for $85, which includes your admission, food and two drink tickets! However this is catered towards the science keeners out there, in my opinion – Jett and I went one night and I completely enjoyed it. Jett, on the other hand, was really just waiting around for me until I got it out of my system 🙂


  • Valentine’s Day Adults Only Night, This is Your Brain on Love: $26 per person
  • Spark The Love, Valentine’s Dining Experience: $85 per person for Adults Only Night admission, dinner and 2 drink tickets

4. NGA Golf Dome

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 9.45.45 PM

Practicing my swing at the Golf Dome!

For you sportier folks, check out the National Golf Academy’s Golf Dome. Jett and I love coming here over the winter with their 50,000 square foot, double-decker indoor driving range and had a great time at their Valentine’s Day Special last year. And I’m happy to see they’re doing it again this year! For $49 per couple on February 14th you get 90 minutes of unlimited balls and wine tasting*. No golf clubs? Simply rent some there! First time swinging a club? Take advantage of their golf pro who provides basic training at the beginning and walks around giving tips for 60 out of the 90 minutes. It’s a really good time! If you like the experience and want more, they currently have a Couples/Buddies night on Fridays or watch out for their Groupon!


  • Valentine’s Day Special at the Golf Dome: $49 per couple

*Wine tasting was part of the package last year. It does not say online if they will be having a wine tasting this year.

5. Bobsledding at Winsport

For the adventurous thrill-seeking couple, bobsledding is the perfect date activity. For a cool $169.99 per person, ride a real bobsleigh down the 1988 Olympic bobsleigh track with an expert pilot. However this is NOT for the faint of heart – literally and figuratively! Jett and I did this a couple years ago and we got out of it a little battered and bruised. We experienced 4G’s of force and hit a top speed of approx 120 km/hr. It was exhilarating. Check out my blog post or video below all out about it! They are not open on Wednesday February 14th , but there are rides available for the weekends before and after.


  • One Bobsleigh Run: $169.99 per person

Do any of these float your boat? Or do you have any better ideas? Please share! And let me know what you’ll be doing on this oh-so-controversial Valentine’s Day. Until next time, stay strong and stay you!

❤ Isabel

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