My Fave Five Lifestyle Gurus

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Lifestyling it up since day 1.

Is it just me or is everyone excited about 2018 and all its possibilities?  I’m loving all the optimism and motivation on social media about taking on 2018 fearlessly!  I’m hoping your year has gotten off to a great start and that you’ve utilized some of the tips from my favourite leadership gurus of my last blog post.  As promised, this is the second half of my “gurus” series and this time it’s all about my favourite lifestyle influencers (to keep on brand with my Lifestyle and Leadership Blog, of course :)).  “Lifestyle” is such an umbrella term and each of these ladies come from their own level of celebrity, but they all have a few things in common: they’ve absolutely killed it in their careers, they’ve diversified their talents and revenue streams, they’ve cultivated their own distinct personal brands and they are family oriented.  Let me know what you think and comment below about your top lifestyle gurus!

My Lifestyle Gurus

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the blogger extraordinaire behind The Skinny Confidential and a thought leader in beauty, health and wellness.  I am currently “obsessed” with her educational yet entertaining Him and Her Podcast that she hosts with her serial-entrepreneur husband, Michael Bosstick.  Honest, raw and swears like a sailor in some episodes, she is definitely not for everyone and especially if you are not used to the Californian accent.  (Yes, Americans, you have an accent and us Canadians notice it.) She blogs about absolutely everything health and beauty: from facial massages to upping your fibre intake, from plastic surgery to organic tampons.  She provides so much value on all aspects of lifestyle and I can’t get enough!

Chriselle Lim, The Chriselle Factor

I have loved Chriselle Lim ever since she showed up in one of Michelle Phan’s YouTube videos wayyyy back in the day as a humble stylist.  She is now one of THE top fashion experts and sits front row in all the most glamorous, high-end designer fashion shows. Can I say #fashionweekgoals?  Not only does she film look books and beauty tutorials, she also has videos on optimizing your Instagram feed, starting your blog or YouTube channel, and vlogs featuring her adorable family.  She epitomizes the chic lifestyle.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham.  Need I say more?  I still need one of her bags.  Hint hint, Jett!

Pia Wurtzbach

All thanks to Steve Harvey’s big Miss Universe 2015 mistake, Queen Pia quickly became one of the most famous and beloved Miss Universes — and has commanded the stage ever since!  Just like at the pageant, she lives her life with elegance, eloquence, intelligence and a fierce catwalk.  And not to be dramatic or anything, but this makeup tutorial of her pageant look changed my life.  Whenever I need a boost of confidence, I channel my inner Pia.  Yup, don’t mind my fan-girling her 🙂

Rachel Zoe

And last but certainly not least is the one and only Rachel Zoe.  I clearly remember the first time I heard of Rachel Zoe: driving home from work in 2014 listening to Sirius XM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio, I stayed in the car on my driveway just to finish listening to her interview about her new book Living In Style.  I was hooked!  I bought her book immediately on Amazon and completely devoured it.  I want to read it again, now that I think of it.  It’s got everything a chic woman needs to literally live in style, from etiquette to how to wear a turban.  I then watched all her reality show episodes online and even started dressing and talking like her.  (This was when “chic” became part of my regular vocabulary.) I still follow her on all social media platforms, subscribed to the Zoe Report for my weekly fashion/beauty update and dream of owning one of her fashion line’s dresses.  (Hint hint again, Jett! At least a Box of Style subscription!)  She stays current on all the trends and has truly turned herself into an empire.  With her family by her side to boot.

And there you have it: my favourite five lifestyle queens.  Leave a comment below if you agree, disagree or if you have any recommendations for who I should obsess over next!  I hope you’ve discovered someone new and can learn something from each of these #bossbabes.  Until next time!

❤ Isabel

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