Three Brides, One Summer

Being a bride is one of the most special and magical times of a girl’s life. Little did I know that it would be even more special by sharing it with two of my best friends.


With my fellow brides: Riss (left) and Sasha (right)

I must confess. At first I was worried that the other beautiful brides would steal my spotlight especially since we are all in the same tightly knit group of friends! But I was grossly mistaken. It was an amazing experience sharing the trials and tribulations of wedding planning with the most supportive and selfless ladies. I am honoured to have shared in a life milestone with them and am ecstatic that we can now move on with our lives together. We will forever have “The Summer of Love 2016” in our hearts.

The shared goal was to have the weddings of our dreams come true – and for our weddings to be different enough that each bride’s unique personality shined through at her own event.

Starting with the venues. Luckily we all chose to get married in different cities so it was easy not to conflict. Since we’re all in mixed race relationships, we each ended up having two weddings, each in a different location! I had a Catholic wedding in the Philippines and a civil wedding in St Lucia. (Click each picture below to zoom in!)

Riss had a civil wedding in Kelowna and an Oromo Ethiopian reception in Calgary.

And Sasha had a nikah ceremony in Surrey and a civil wedding in Calgary.

For our civil weddings, we had to have different colour schemes. Larissa chose the classic lavender and grey combination, Sasha chose a romantic blush pink palette and (in an attempt to glam up a destination wedding) I opted for gold and white. Each colour scheme worked beautifully and greatly exceeded each of our visions for our big days.

And of course, the dresses. We all went with the glamorous mermaid cut, but each with its own unique features.

Needless to say, a lot of money was spent this summer but a priceless amount of love and happiness was shared in the most important time of lives. (And I’m now regretting not being in this recession proof wedding industry.)

I do apologize for all the common guests who were obliged to attend (and spend for) all three weddings. But I can’t thank you enough and I am so grateful that you shared our twice in a lifetime experiences with us 🙂

❤ Isabel

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