Dreams Do Come True

Dreams do come true Isabel Valoria Rao

Wake up, work, eat, sleep, repeat. It’s easy to get caught up in that daily grind, working hard everyday striving to achieve that next milestone and striving to achieve that vicious cycle of ‘more’. Have you ever looked back and reflected on how far you’ve come? I recently did and it felt pretty amazing. 

As much as I try to celebrate the small successes, the little bumps in the road hit me hard. I’ve been given the advice, “don’t take things personally” yet I still find myself wallowing in the lows that I fall into. I was recently in a down cycle until Jett and I purchased our first luxurious sports sedan together this past weekend.

We found a “gem” of a vehicle, to put it in words of the seller’s daughter who posted the ad on Kijiji. Impeccably maintained and in pristine condition, Jett and I felt on top of the world driving our ‘new’ car around good old Calgary over the weekend. I couldn’t help but slap myself silly about feeling down about life.

As an awkward and ambitious teenager, I couldn’t wait to grow up. I pictured myself skinny, working downtown, living downtown, carrying around a nice purse, driving around in a nice car. Superficial, I know, but what else would you expect from a nerdy-chub of a teenager who couldn’t wait to get out of the ‘awkward stage’?

This weekend I realized that my teenage-dream had come true! I still don’t consider myself “skinny” per se, but I am the most confident in my own skin than I have ever been. I have a dynamic, fulfilling job downtown and I live in a beautiful condo downtown (with, BONUS, my incredible husband). I have, not just one, but an excessive collection of designer purses. And I’ve always been fortunate to drive around in nice cars including our latest purchase. I feel like I’ve come full circle and wish that I could tell that 15-year-old Isabel that “dreams do come true” if you are willing to work and pay your dues. It’s not easy and I feel like giving up many times, but you just have to push through it and keep that teenage dream alive.

So dream BIG, work hard and you’ll accomplish your #goals before you realize it! And remember to pause, reflect and be grateful for how far you’ve come.

❤ Isabel

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