How to Throw a Blog-Worthy Birthday Party

My Scorpio Sister, Lyndee, and I recently celebrated our birthdays together and it was a blast!  We wanted to set it up all nicely so that I could take photos of the party for my blog.  Some things didn’t go according to plan, but it didn’t matter as we had the time of our lives.  So here are my lessons-learned so that you can throw yourself a blog-worthy party.  Scroll to the bottom for a short gallery of guest photos.

1. Book an accommodating venue.


If you’re having a large party (over 40 in our case), you need to make sure the venue can fit your entire group.  Thanks to our friend, Jenna, she booked us a large section in the chic 17th Ave restaurant, 80th and Ivy.  The servers were incredibly accommodating by adding seats when required and paying special attention to my guests.  Separate bills are a must as I’ve been burned before by restaurants insisting to put everyone’s order onto one scroll of a bill (rude).  80th and Ivy was the perfect venue with delicious food, delectable drinks and excellent service.  They even let us decorate, which included taping up our birthday sign to their wall as seen above.

2. Get there early to decorate.


People thought I was crazy for wanting to be there an hour early to decorate.  Little do they know that decorating takes forever!  People tend to underestimate how long setup takes and, in my opinion, better safe than sorry.  There’s nothing more unglamorous than rushing around, sweating and flustering over decorations when guests are trickling in.  Thanks to my lovely sister, Jessica, for being there early with me 🙂 We bought our super fun balloons from the lovely Maria Divina Gracia of Calgary Party 50.  Highly recommended!

3. Let them eat cake!


What is a birthday party without cake?  The men in our lives surprised us with a black and pink Tiffany & Co.-inspired cake from Cakes with Attitude.  No matter how old I am, a cake with sparklers and my loved ones singing me “Happy Birthday” always make me feel special.  Look how excited we all are about cake up there.

4. Hire a photographer.


Here’s a nice shot that my sister took when we got there early.  Once the drinks and conversations start flowing though, we all forgot about the camera.  Sure you have your phone and sure you have SnapChat, but it’s nice having high-quality, well-lit photos.  Note to self, definitely need a photographer for next time.

5. Party favours!

Lyndee made the most adorable black and pink candy party favours!  There was bubble gum, a peanut butter cup, hard candy, chocolate, lollipops, Starbursts, a brownie and even a little stick of pink cotton candy all wrapped up in a clear cellophane baggie.  They were a huge hit!  People were fighting for the ones that had the delicious little brownie.  Unfortunately due to #4 above, we forgot to take photos of the favours!  You can kinda see them in the bottom-right corner of the photo in #3 🙂

6. Best for last: TRUE FRIENDS

You can have the most picturesque party in the world, but it would mean nothing without friends for life who love you for who you are, warts and all.  You know you have amazing friends and you truly enjoy each others’ company if you forget to take pictures.  No one is stunting, no one is fronting.  So I’m sorry, my dear friends, if I did not take a photo of you.  I was too distracted by your awesomeness.

I always have difficulty with conclusions.  So in conclusion, thanks to all for coming and for making Lyndee and me feel so very special ❤ Here are some of the few photos we took with my nice camera for your viewing pleasure (click to zoom in).  Until next time!

❤ Isabel

PS Undocumented in this blog was an interesting attempt on a Mannequin Challenge, the restaurant’s chic bar where most people drifted to after eating, and the after-party debauchery 😉

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