Minding My Mindfulness

Mind your mindfulness Isabel Valoria Rao

I must confess: I am a laggard when it comes to most trends. Yoga, iPods, iPhones, skinny jeans, even Instagram! So when I started hearing all this hype about mindfulness and ‘living in the moment’, my initial thought was “give me a break”. Mindful eating? Meditation? Ugh.

And here I am, sitting at my computer on April 1st, 2017 finally starting to see what all the hype is about. No, this is not an April Fools’ joke. Yesterday, I thought, “Holy cow, it’s Friday again … holy cow, it’s the end of March!” and I realized that I’m always telling myself, “Holy cow, it’s Friday again,” when the weekend comes around. Where has the week gone? Where has the first quarter of the year gone?!?!

I guess it doesn’t help that I have a new position at work that I’ve been completely engrossed in. All the deadlines, meetings, ideas and activity make the weekdays fly by and at the end of each day, I’m exhausted yet still have something else on my plate to do at home. I’m not making excuses.   I’m realizing that mindfulness is something I have to work on and something that I actually have to schedule in my day or else it’s not going to get done. The last thing I want is to find myself old and grey thinking, “Holy cow, it’s Friday again … holy cow, it’s 2060?!”

And perhaps adding a mindfulness reminder in my calendar is not truly being mindful, but it’s a step. Some people need a push to get going in their day. Some people need a reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Which type are you? Do you have any resource/book recommendations about mindfulness and appreciating the moment? Let me know! Wishing you a mindful weekend 🙂

❤ Isabel

4 thoughts on “Minding My Mindfulness

  1. I’ve also heard a lot about this, a interesting quote I heard was

    “you will never be happy with what you get, until you learn how to happy with what you have”.

    Accepting mortality is also a good way to be mindful of the “little things” . Seems dark but is actually enlightening


  2. Also forgot to mention something that I heard that cracked me up cause it’s seems true was that the people that don’t have 5-10 min to meditate are the ones that probably need it the most.


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