How To Beat Those Post-Vacation Blues

Isabel Valoria Rao Cactus

Ever get those post-vacation blues? I sure do. Mine usually stems from the overwhelm of all the to-do’s after being away for so long. Here are a couple (seriously only 2) tried and tested, no-nonsense hacks that I use to minimize it!

1. Check your emails once a day while on vacation

Isabel Valoria Rao Laptop

Set aside a short time everyday while on vacation to check on work emails, preferably at a time when no else is in the office so you don’t feel obliged to answer incoming messages in real time. Even just for a quick half hour to see if anything urgent has come up and to delete/file away emails. I know you’re supposed to unplug while on vacation, but I think this is a huge help as you’ll save yourself from coming back to work and seeing 1000+ unread emails in your inbox.

2. Use one day to stay home and catch up on life when you return from your vacation

Isabel Valoria Rao Ballet Bar

If you have the time available, use up one vacation day to stay home when you return from your vacation to unpack, do your laundry, get groceries, squeeze in a workout and start writing your to-do list for work. This helps you get real-life back in order and ready to tackle your work week when you step in the office the next day.

Short and sweet yet effective.  Do you have any tricks on how to beat post-vacation blues?  Do share!  Stay strong and stay you 🌹

❤ Isabel


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