How To Get Rid Of Those Sunday Scaries

Isabel Valoria Rao, I woke up like this

Ever get the “Sunday Scaries”? I sure do. That dreaded feeling of overwhelm and anxiety knowing that the stressors of the work week are just around the corner and there’s nothing you can do about it … actually, there is!

Wanna know how I combat the Sunday Scaries? As uncomfortable as it is, you simply have to face them. I open my work laptop and start working on my week’s to-do list on One Note.  I transfer all the incomplete tasks from last week onto a fresh page for this coming week and reprioritize them. I then catch up on all the emails that I missed last week. I either answer them real quick, delete/file them away or add them to my to-do list.

Once you “face your fears” by actually taking a look at what’s coming down the pipe for the week and mentally prepping yourself for it all, I guarantee those #SundayScaries will slowly dissipate and eventually be replaced with #MondayMotivation. Let me know what you do to relieve the Sunday Scaries! Stay strong and stay you.

❤ Isabel

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